Hosting you

If you want to organise your own training course at Lorraine Virtual Hospital (HVL), benefit from an environment entirely dedicated to simulation in healthcare, use equipment and simulators, or simply hold a meeting or event… HVL’s whole team is at your disposal to define your needs and assist you in logistical setup of your previews.

Almost 20 rooms equipped with video projectors are available to you, along with a conference room (seating 80). Rooms are of various sizes and can be equipped with simulators, mannequins, robots, etc. upon request.

Rooms dedicated to simulation are divided into briefing/debriefing areas and areas equipped for simulation games. All rooms are equipped with videoconference systems.

HVL also suggests combining rollout of your meeting or event with a visit to Lorraine Virtual Hospital’s platforms.

Our team undertakes to send you a detailed cost proposal within 24 hours.


Why reserve an area at Lorraine Virtual Hospital for your workshops?

Workshops are often devoted to team thought on development of roadmaps or solutions to problems, providing opportunities for creativity and speaking your mind, constructing and reflecting together.

Relocating teams often helps ensure that workshops are productive. So it is essential to choose somewhere convivial enough to stimulate participants, and provide them with a change of air by immersing them in another world.

Choosing Lorraine Virtual Hospital, a venue dedicated to tomorrow’s health sector, is an excellent alternative that provides you with innovation and team management aspects alike.


3 good reasons to visit Lorraine Virtual Hospital

To ensure a pleasant visit, we limit the number of visitors in a group to 12.

  1. To find out for yourself what simulation-based training entails

  2. To acquaint yourself with the opportunities provided to health professionals for training in connected healthcare and further developing their skills in the use of ever more sophisticated equipment
  3. And quite simply, because it will be a pleasure to welcome you and share our passion for development of these new educational models.